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Haley Sinclaire

Capable, creative, quick-witted (say it fast, you'll need to keep up). She's an attorney set out to balance the scales of justice and a Magdalene High Priestess with a heart for service, world traveler, blogger and craft beer aficionado. Need a no-nonsense, cut through your barriers and patterns reframe? Haley's the sorceress of straight talk!

Haley Sinclaire is an attorney with a focus on social justice and brings passion and humor to all she does. She is trained to recognize implicit bias and work with people who have experienced trauma. Haley earned her Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law and studied History, Art, History, and Social and Economic Justice at the University of North Carolina. 


Haley is an ordained Magdalene High Priestess skilled in fearless living, shadow work, and healing past trauma. She became a master at letting perfectionism and stress run her life but her focus on personal growth and the study of Hermetic wisdom created a path for her to trust in herself and balance sacred work. She has traveled the world and finds adventure wherever she goes. Haley offers intuitive coaching for the badass or badass hopeful.

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