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About Quintessential Human™

Our name is derived from "quintessence,"  the fifth element in alchemy, considered the bridge between the material world and
the realm of the spiritual

Quintessential Human is a portal, created by Raven Sinclaire as an innovative system and wisdom center for thriving and living an empowered life. It is based on a synthesis of her understanding of Hermetic wisdom that has evolved over the past twenty-five+ years, along with shadow work tools and other teachings from her initiatory processes. 


The basis for this system is called 7 Steps to Mastery™ and, just as the wisdom teachings it is based on continue to evolve and deepen as a student progresses, so too does this process, our coaches and our clients. Originally intended as a simple tool for students in Raven's course, the system expanded into a whole way of living. She began to use it with clients while embodying it in her own life and the results were the proof. 


Eventually, Raven knew this system for success in life, love, and business should be shared with a wider audience than she could reach on her own so she put out a call for a small team of high vibe leaders who would train to be QH Coaches. They began seven months of talks and study, masterminding, and practice. None could have imagined how perfectly it would play out.


These coaches are Team Magi, our premier coaches.  Each coach has undergone a full initiatory study in ancient wisdom before training in our unique coaching  system, and their commitment to study never ends. They work with a limited number of private and corporate clients and also offer programs and workshops, yearly retreats, and online summits.  Privacy and streamlined focus are priorities so you won't find us engaging on mainstream social media. 

A path of mastery is a lifelong journey. Whether your goals are personal, professional, or a combination, we look forward to supporting your success!

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