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4 Ways we Give Away our Power

& How to Take it Back

Our Gift to YOU!

A Little Confession from Raven:

For years, I lived life with blinders on and, occasionally, things worked out ok. There were tough times too, both emotionally and financially. I felt like I was walking through jello looking outward for solutions and missing my own inner potential and accountability.


My eyes were opened after finding a course about the Seven Hermetic Principles also called the Laws of Created Things over twenty-five years ago. 


I learned a lot through my dance with Hermetic Wisdom and eventually created a program to utilize the Principles in deeper ways. It took me years to get a very basic truth, though. Before we can use the 7 Steps to Mastery™ to create the life, loves and business of our dreams, we have to be fully seated in our power.

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I know it sounds like "Duh"

It really does sound simple, but most of us continually pass our power away every minute of every day. Power is not just something you might give away in a bad relationship. It can be given away in a solitary thought. In fact, I’ve found that some clients don’t remember what it was like to have it at all and they have to learn it over again.

Passing our Power Ball

When we give away our power in each moment, we sabotage our dreams and happiness and thwart creative ability. Just like an appliance does not work unless it is plugged in, we don't work unless we are connected into our personal power. When you’re not firmly seated in your power, you’re unplugged from Divine flow and disconnected from Universal Laws.

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My Gift

4 Ways We Give Away Our Power is a 6-part email series with info, tools and exercises that include some aspects of power play you probably never realized and some foolproof ways to know when you've passed the power ball and how to take it back.  We'll deliver each part to your inbox every three days for eighteen days. Sign up below.

Yay for YOU!

Enjoy taking back your power in each moment! This can be a game-changer but don’t stop there because we want you to have it ALL! If you’re feeling ready for a new level of relating to yourself, each other, your sacred work, and the world, our coaches can take you there the fastest. Let’s talk! 

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