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  • Does Team Magi work as a team or as individual coaches?
    Both! Each coach has private clients but will also team teach at events or team coach for larger groups or businesses.
  • Can I hire a coach per session or is there a longer commitment required?
    Coaching in general is always more successful with a specified time period that allows for the results a client desires. Our program is even more conducive to a developing relationship between client and coach. You are more likely to reach the place you want to be with a commitment of 3 months, 6 months, or longer. However, this can be discussed in your initial call and some coaches may be willing to work with you on individual sessions.
  • How is coaching through Quintessential Human different from other coaching services?
    >Our coaching is based on the program 7 Steps to Mastery™, created by Raven Sinclaire >It is not a one-size-fits-all program and requires a coach that deeply understands the specialized material and follows intuitive guidance for the ways to utilize it with each client. >Our Premier coaches are also trained to use common coaching practices, all within the framework of 7 Steps to Mastery™ >Due to our highly specialized program, we are not in the business of training coaches. Our only focus is YOU, the client.
  • How can I hire Team Magi to present for our event or business?
    We would love to learn more! Email us the dates and details, and we can schedule a call.
  • I am a coach or want to be a coach, how can I join Team Magi?"
    Team Magi is a complete cohesive team of our premier coaches, deeply trained in our trademarked program. In order to maintain the evolution and integrity of our company, we believe our established team insures that our clients receive deep support for transformation. We are not in the business of training coaches. We are here to give our complete attention to the clients we empower.
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